Where We Are

Fort Collins, Colorado.
Fresh air off the Rocky Mountains.
Sunshine. Big sky.
Room to move. Freedom to create.
A pioneer setting for pioneering work.

Our Point of View

Every scent has a color, a shape, a texture, and a sound.

We orchestrate your brand’s multisensory symphony.

What We Do

We custom build sensory science platforms.

We bring credibility to your creative marketing, and brilliance to your product development.

Who Hires Us

Marketers, product developers, brand managers, blue sky teams.

Brands: air fresheners, clothing, personal care, consumer electronics, perfume.

Anyone who needs to communicate with scent, understand its impact, or deliver it more effectively.

Our Clients

We work with startups and established mega-brands.

Our clients are in Japan, Australia, Canada, Sweden, and all across the United States.

We work behind the scenes and sometimes out in front.