Founder & President

Avery N. Gilbert, PhD

Olfactory scientist and fragrance industry pioneer.

Respected Scientist

Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science.

Reviewer for more than 30 scientific journals, grant agencies, and book publishers.

Curator of Disorders of Odor Perception, a compilation of news and clinical science.

Experienced Entrepreneur

Headspace Sensory, LLC
Cranial One Corporation
DigiScents, Inc.

Trusted Advisor

Has served as scientific advisor to Aromyx Corporation, The Institute for Art & Olfaction, The Scent Marketing Institute, Fragrance Materials Association, and the Olfactory Research Fund

Creative Collaborator

Has worked with ad agencies, engineering teams, film crews, and software developers.

Expert Witness

Head injury with loss of smell.
Malodor contamination in buildings.
Search & seizure of marijuana based on smell.


What the Nose Knows: The Science of Scent in Everyday Life
Short-listed for two literary prizes.
Translated into eight languages.

The Nick Zollicker Stories:
An Imperfect Mimic and Smothering the Savage